Step by step through history...

We are delighted to welcome you to our hotel, where you can trace the traces of the past at every step, in the very center of the historic peninsula of Sultanahmet.

In our historic mansion, located within walking distance of Hagia Sophia and the traces of history, you will feel peaceful and secure. Our mansion, which has been restored in accordance with the historic texture, will offer you an unforgettable Istanbul experience while being located within walking distance of Istanbul’s most popular tourist attractions.


Our hotel has 6 Deluxe rooms with Collesium view and 4 Deluxe rooms with garden view, which are larger than our standard rooms.

Standard Room

Deluxe Garden View Room

Deluxe Garden Twin

Deluxe Colosseum View Room

Terrace Sea View Room

Terrace Colloseum View Room

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What is Saratoga?


The pigeon is perhaps one of the most important symbols from the Ottoman period to the present day. Pigeons are city birds and have always been closely associated with humans throughout history, symbolizing many areas including literature, crafts, the history of wars, communication, architecture, and social life.

The Ottoman dynasty and armies conducted all of their long-distance communication “through pigeons.” Additionally, it was a tradition to give Hünkari pigeons as gifts to “foreign diplomats” hosted at the Topkapi Palace.

There are many valuable theses related to carrier pigeons. They have flight routes that stretch almost from Central Asia to Europe, with places where they stop and rest along the way, known as “pigeon houses.”

In a way, SARATOGA is also a “pigeon house” for guests coming from long distances.

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