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Nakilbent Cistern Erdoğan Aktaş 18 March 2023

Nakilbent Cistern

The Great Palace, which was the administrative center of the Byzantine Empire in Constantinople, covered a large area in Sultanahmet. Starting from the seaside of Hagia Sophia and extending all the way to the Little Hagia Sophia Mosque, it included the Sultan Ahmed Mosque within its boundaries.

The Nakkaş Cistern, also known as the Nakilbent Cistern, is located on Nakilbent Street and is generally referred to by the name of the shop above it. The Nakkaş Cistern was located within the boundaries of the Great Palace during the Byzantine period and provided water for the palace.

This cistern is one of the least known among those who explore Istanbul inch by inch, and it is one of the best examples of urban archaeology.

Today, the Nakkaş Cistern hosts exhibitions. The exhibition that has been ongoing for several years now has been quite long, and there is even a possibility that it will become permanent.

The exhibition is called the Istanbul Hippodrome Exhibition, and the three-dimensional drawings were made by Tayfun Öner. The exhibition is open for 7 days and admission is free.

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