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Dolmabahçe Palace Erdoğan Aktaş 20 March 2023

Dolmabahçe Palace

Dolmabahçe Palace is an impressive palace located on the European coast of the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul, Turkey. It was built in the 19th century by the Ottoman Empire as the main administrative center and residence of the Sultan. The palace was designed by Armenian architects Garabet Balyan and his son Nikogos Balyan in a blend of Baroque, Rococo, and Neoclassical styles, which was unusual for Ottoman architecture at the time.

The palace has a total of 285 rooms, 43 halls, 6 Turkish baths (hammams), and 68 toilets. The most impressive room is the Ceremonial Hall, also known as the Crystal Staircase, which has a magnificent chandelier with 750 lamps and weighs 4.5 tons. Another notable room is the Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Room, where the founder of the modern Turkish Republic passed away in 1938. The palace also has a vast collection of European and Ottoman art and furnishings, including paintings, sculptures, and ceramics.

Today, the Dolmabahçe Palace is open to the public as a museum, and visitors can explore the palace’s opulent interiors and learn about its rich history. The palace grounds also include a beautiful garden with fountains and ornamental pools. The palace is an essential part of Istanbul’s cultural heritage and a must-see attraction for anyone visiting the city.

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